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Your Look

Visual Identity

Are you at the very beginning of your entrepreneurship journey? Then you might use our help with your logo, imagery, typography, colors, and other elements of your brand or product design. Together we can define these individual elements and let them work for you, consistently communicating to your customers who you are, what you stand for, and why they should be loyal to you.


You'd probably agree that things like clear brand mission and values, strong tagline, fitting logo, correct tone of voice, or suitable brand colors are essential for your company's face and external communication. But here's a thing - they also affect the mood and spirit of your team. On average, a company rebrands every 7-10 years. But it doesn't matter how long are you in the game. If you feel like it's time for a change, or something just does not work out within your business, let's talk.

Product Design

Don't get us wrong. We probably won't come up with ideas for a brand new product from scratch. We will "just pack" your existing or newly developed thing or service to look (and sell) better. It doesn't matter if you need your tiny product to look sexy, a huge tool to look wo/manly cool, or a new service to feel scary (but still safe)... We can handle (and enjoy) the challenge! And as a lovely side effect, you will probably become a more sustainable or circular economy-aware company.

Your Look

Your Web

Sustainable web from scratch

OK, so you need a good-looking web... Let us say something out loud - it is costly, complicated, and tiring - working with coders and other IT guys. Simply an awful experience (not even mentioning the extra costs and mental energy dropouts when you need to update the web or even just change some minor things there). Frankly speaking, it is horrible. Unless - yes, and that is fuc*ing important - you work with us and Why such strong words? Because we have tried web development so many times before, and we have learned from our mistakes and praxes, that there is nothing better for a small or medium-sized business than Wix, where almost everyone can create a beautiful website with no compromise in function, design or web tools (such as blog, automatic forms and so on), anytime easily editable. Just ideal, you see?

But then there is a question. Do you have time and sources to design the graphics, know-how to set up the account, talent to write catchy texts? And that is our moment. Let us create for you a functional, logical, supercool-looking brand new web on Wix, and teach you how to become its powerful ruler at the end of the process. We are ready. Are you?

Communication and Content

Social Media Management

Social media communication is a key part of any company's marketing mix. Its full potential can raise your brands' awareness and, more importantly, the number of paying, satisfied, returning customers. It is a great platform to present your current products, ideas, plans, and thoughts to a broad audience, to get instant feedback, create and keep you in touch with the vital community around your product or service. Social media can be fun, but it takes consistency, regularity, patience, and the right tone of voice. Mostly it's really time-consuming and sometimes even a nerve-wracking job.

The good news is that you do not have to be alone. We are ready to set up your accounts, create a strategy, give it

a nice form and take care of your regular content. Just ask.

Communication Strategy

Casual Copywriting and Editing

Blog, interview, or just a short post? Creating a web content from scratch, or editing an existing article? Say no more. We are here, thrilled to work in Czech and English.

In Czech, we say: "Without work, there are no pies." OK, fair enough. But you know what? Without communication, there is no work! Via consulting tailored to your needs, we can help you to re-think the whole communication strategy, both internal and external. The joint goal is easy: instead of producing another useless pdf file with a communication manual/plan, we want you to attract more people via understanding your communication actions and implementing easy changes.


Portfolio / Team Photo

Showing a face might be a challenge. When you want to grow or start a business, looking professional and representative is a must-have. Starting with presentations, ending with your LinkedIn profile, with our experienced photographer, Master of Arts, you can have it all - nice and clean or even spicy artsy.

Your Web
Communication and Content
Grahic and Product Design
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